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Providing not only iron oxides as our main material but also materials which are suited the interests of the leading companies, TODA KOGYO set its sight on expanding its business in global markets.

TODA KOGYO is a chemical material manufacturer founded nearly 200 years ago as a producer of a red iron oxide pigment 'Bengala' which is essential in painting porcelain, lacquerware, and historic buildings. As the leading manufacturer in the industry, we meet the diverse needs of customers throughout the world by utilizing the characteristics of inorganic materials to develop and supply a wide range of iron oxides and material parts.
 Placing a priority on customer-oriented products, TODA KOGYO emphasizes research and development with the customer always in mind. Adherence to this fundamental principle has enabled us to deliver high-quality materials for toners used in printers and copiers, cathode materials for Li-ion automotive batteries, and antenna materials for mobile devices through the application of innovative synthetic technology for the production of fine inorganic particles that we have accumulated through the manufacture of iron oxides. In addition, we have responded to changes in the global market by enhancing production systems in China, Korea, and North America, and promoting the expansion of global business from sales bases established in Asia, Europe, and America.

Shigeru Takaragi President and Representative Director

TODA KOGYO has built sound and trusting relationships with customers through the provision of high added-value products and solutions based on our unique synthetic technologies.

One of TODA KOGYO's core technological competences is our nanoscale synthetics, including wet synthetic technology which we developed first in the industry enables us to meet customer needs through the high precision synthesis of materials that have different colors, hardness, and magnetic and chemical properties.
 Combining the overwhelming superiority of this synthetic technology with knowledge and experience accumulated through the manufacture of iron oxides, TODA KOGYO has expanded into a full range of inorganic materials. We have introduced a wide variety of high value-added products ahead of the competition, and solutions for individual needs that have led to outstanding customer satisfaction.

TODA KOGYO launched the project towards its 100th anniversary which emphasizes the spirit of technology.

TODA KOGYO’s business comprises functional pigments and electronic materials segments. The functional pigment business focuses on iron oxide products for the manufacture of toner materials and new-generation carriers for use in single and multiple-function printers, as well as for the manufacture of color pigment materials, environmental functional materials and catalyst materials. The iron oxides that formed the basis of TODA KOGYO’s business when it opened its doors a century ago are still an important area with high potential for growth, and we continue to place a priority on development by focusing on products designed to meet the needs of today’s market.
 The electronic materials business focuses on magnetic materials and those for magnetic cards and digital tape. In recent years for electronic application products of soft magnetic ferrite, we have been concentrating on the expansion of business focusing on materials for devices such as NFC antenna sheets for mobile devices and metal-compatible IC tag, taking advantage of the integrated production system from material to device product. We have established production system not only in Japan but also in overseas subsidiary for our electronic materials business.
 Celebrating our 80th anniversary of the establishment as TODA KOGYO in 2013 (the 190th anniversary since the founding) , we launched the forward-looking TODA KOGYO 100th Anniversary Step-One Activity (TSO Project) to prepare for this important milestone in the company's history. This project emphasizes a recommitment to our initial priority on the development of technology, establishing stronger management structures, and creating a corporate culture which encourages all employees to enjoy life and work based on their dreams and desires for the future. Through this project, we renew our management principle, management policy, and code of conduct, take into consideration today's goals as well as mid- and long-term visions, and organize priority issues chronologically to clarify TODA KOGYO's direction for the future. We commit ourselves to working together throughout the company to promote this project.

 As we recommit ourselves to the company's original emphasis on the development of technology, the TODA KOGYO Group strives to maintain its strength as an organization in which employees continue growing and working together with trust and gratitude for one another's efforts while we continue building strong customer satisfaction and loyalty by meeting and exceeding needs throughout the market.

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