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Battery materials

Materials that enable the production of higher-capacity and longer-lasting high
performance rechargeable lithium ion batteries

In our battery materials business, we carry out research, development and manufacture of cathode materials for rechargeable lithium ion batteries, which consist of lithium metal oxide.
 We supply them to the market to meet the current demand for smaller size and increased capacity for mobile devices, and the high output and safety required by hybrid cars. Both require a variety of cathode materials developed using our unique, advanced synthetic technology.
 The market for rechargeable lithium ion batteries continues to grow in a widening variety of fields, from the challenges of continual miniaturization and use of wireless communications in electronic devices, to the need for more efficient energy conservation in cars and other vehicles, to the development of home power storage technology.
 Our materials support the global “energy-oriented society” – this is the goal and mission we have in mind as we continue to pursue research and development of new cathode materials to enable the creation of a better social infrastructure.

We developed iron oxide (goethite:α-FeOOH) as a raw material for cathode materials of LFP rechargeable batteries.
The purity and particle properties of iron oxide are optimized using our wet synthesis technologies.


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