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Device Materials for electronic components

Supporting advanced electronic devices with the parts and materials


In the field of electronic components, we are increasing production of nano-sized fine particle conductive materials made of ultra-fine barium titanate for the small, highperformance chip capacitor market. In the area of inductors for the multi-layered chip inductor market, we have been developing soft ferrite powder made of iron oxide, and we are now, also developing and producing sendust in the city of Daejeon, Korea, to meet the need for miniaturized, highcapacity and high-powered chips for the future.
 In the area of magnets, our magnetic materials are widely used as the magnets for automotive and home appliances, and as magnetic cards.
We have established ferrite material factories in Busan, Korea and Taizhou(Zhejiang Provice), China, which enable us to produce three times more than before and to supply from these three plants.
 In a new business development, we are continuing to work on rare earth hybrid magnets for the growing field of hybrid electric car motors.

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