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Digital Digital recording media materials

Contributing to the growing sophistication of electronics

Toda is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of magnetic recording material for highly reliable digital recording media for computers and video tapes for broadcasting. We are meeting the need for the smaller and smaller particles of magnetic recording material with higher performance required to drive high-density recording media.
 In a new area of business, we are applying our 1–100 nanometer particles manufacturing technology and unique, sophisticated chemical engineering techniques to develop highly functional materials for applications in the fields of plasma and LCD displays and photovoltaic cells. For example, in the field of optical filters that shield electromagnetic waves in plasma displays, we provide unique materials in which self-aligning nano-size silver particles exhibit properties of transparency and electrical conductivity.
 Modified catalysts for fuel cells are materials designed for efficient extraction of the hydrogen that is burned by the fuel cell to create electricity. As one of the major strategies to confront global warming, fuel cells are an area in which we hope to make a positive impact by contributing to their development and wider ado ption by society.

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