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Ecology Environmentally functional materials and environmental remediation

Maintaining clean air, water and soil

It is said that the 21st century is the century of the environment, and Toda has created an integrated environmental engineering group to expand our contribution to the Earth’s ecology, not only in Japan but also in a wide area encompassing China, Korea, Southeast Asia, the US, and Europe. Toda’s environmentally functional materials and environmental remediation activities cover a wide range of aspects, ranging from measures to treat air, water and ground pollution, to the development of energy production systems that reduce global warming.
 In the area of materials with environmental applications, we are working on purification systems for remediation of VOC and heavy metals in the ground and groundwater, dioxin reduction for garbage incinerators, catalysts to promote total incineration, and others. In recent years, we have also developed crow-repellent garbage bag additives and raw material for lead-free vinyl chloride stabilizers that are both safe for humans and environmentally friendly. Furthermore, we are working on hydrogen production systems using ligneous biomass.

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