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CORE COMPETENCE Three areas of competence that keep us ahead of the competition on a global scale

1 A wide range of crystal shapes, configurations, magnetic properties and colors Wet synthesis and other nanotechnology processes

There are a wide variety of types of iron oxide particle powders in which iron and oxygen are linked in different ways, and depending on the chemical and crystal type, shape, size, distribution, and surface of iron oxide particles, these have considerable differences in color, hardness, strength, and magnetic and chemical properties.
 Toda’s wet synthesis technology is unique in that we can control these particles’ properties, and use our full command of the material to produce a rich variety of iron oxides and other substances with the desired functions and properties.
 By changing conditions of synthesis such as temperature and pH, we can alter the crystalline structure, particle size, and other aspects at the molecular level. Toda technology is truly nanotechnology.
 In order to create materials with the functions and properties that our customers demand, we make full use of our wealth of knowledge and experience to determine the conditions of synthesis, consider ways in which higher-quality materials can be produced, and decide which compounds to add in order to create new functions. Toda’s wet synthesis and other nanotechnology achievements put us way ahead of the competition.

2 Meeting complex and diversifying needs A wealth of knowledge and experience with iron oxide and other inorganic compounds

By amassing know-how involving magnets, magnetic materials, pigments and other substances employing iron oxide, Toda has also been able to accumulate a wealth of knowledge and experience with magnesium, barium, rare metals and other inorganic compounds, and to put this to use in the creation of products. While retaining our focus on iron oxide, we have been able to effectively combine it with other inorganic materials to create new materials with new functions and new properties.
 Furthermore, the diversifying needs of today’s digital “information society” include an ever- increasing demand for more highly sensitive magnetic materials, smaller and stronger magnets, and powerful, long-lasting battery materials. Toda Kogyo Group has a wealth of experience not only with iron oxide, but also with advanced inorganic material technologies such as battery materials. We will continue to contribute to social progress by expanding from the materials field to incorporate technological advances in other areas.

3 Materials as a tool for providing the support of our customers need to solve problems Total support – starting with materials, ending with solutions

Toda’s high levl of expertise and unmatched knowledge , techniques, and know-how built around iron oxide help us to illuminate the problems faced by our customers from new angles, and provide solutions from a materials point of view.
 Customers may wish to increase the strength or magnetism of a material, or give it new additional properties. Toda closely follows these customer needs and identifies the issues that need to be addressed, proposing total solutions including processing methods that take advantage of the materials’ properties, suggesting the most appropriate material to use for each situation, and determining which materials to synthesize with which, and in what quantities.
 Currently, we are meeting a diversifying range of customer needs by making advances in the development and manufacture
of electronic components such as metal-compatible IC tags and antenna sheets for RFID use – advances that are made possible through our extensive knowledge of materials. Furthermore, in the environmental field, the addition to the group of Fujikasui Engineering means that we are now able to function as an integrated environmental engineering firm, working to propose total solutions from materials to engineering.
 Toda seeks above all to go beyond the role of a mere materials provider to become a valued partner contributing to our client
companies’ competitiveness, elevating the level of technology, and using the development and delivery of new materials as just the beginning of total, comprehensive solutions.

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