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Believing in the possibilities of fine particles and people, we create a new history.

The history of our company, founded in 1823, began with the production of bengala, a fine particle of iron oxide. Our roots lie in a group of engineers who produced bengala, which is said to be the oldest pigment in Japan. Since then, over the past 200 years, we have continued to create products needed by people and society while expanding the possibilities of fine particles with our unique technology and passion.
Our predecessors have co-created diverse chemical materials in collaboration with research institutions since the time when the term “industry-academia-government collaboration” did not exist. Because the challenge is to create something that does not yet exist in the world, development takes time. What will be required next? We must catch up with information as quickly as possible, create new technologies that lead to commercialization, and sharpen our skills. We have been working together with our customers to achieve results, and our present and future are based on the accumulation of our enthusiasm for the challenge of creating new value.
Learning from our 200-year history and in order to forge a path to the future, we are now returning to our roots by enhancing the value and expanding the applications of our core businesses in pigments and coloring materials for copiers and printers.
On top of that, we have positioned high-quality magnet materials, dielectric materials, and materials for lithium-ion batteries as our growth business and are providing them to our customers and partners. These chemical materials and components are used in a wide range of products that make our lives richer and more convenient, such as smartphones, automobiles, and home appliances.
Also, we believe that what will be increasingly sought after in the future are environment-related businesses that can help solve the challenges facing the world. In our history, we were the first in the industry to establish an environmentally friendly wet synthesis technology at a time when pollution was a social issue. Our major mission for the future is to contribute to the realization of a decarbonized society by further advancing the fine particle synthesis technology we have cultivated through systems that use iron-based catalysts to produce hydrogen, which is expected to be a sustainable energy source, and CO2 separation and recovery technology using sodium ferrite.
We believe in the infinite possibilities contained in small particles, which we have always kept our eyes on. And the people who have inherited our technology and passion also have unlimited potential. With strong bonds of trust and gratitude with our stakeholders, we will continue to create new values that will give us hope for the future, as we strive for the next 100 years of continuous growth.

President and CEO
Tsuneaki Kubo