Elemental Technology

Technology that builds by in-house technology development or technology development with external collaboration and contributes to create product with new added value

  • Refining
    Technology that increases its quality by removing impurities
  • Firing
    Technology that obtains a high-strength sintered body by firing raw powder materials at high temperature
  • Milling
    Technology that reduces particle size of solid materials
  • De-agglomeration
    Pretreatment technology that breaks down agglomerated particles
  • Surface modification
    Technology that provides functions by suitable surface modification for a specific application
  • Dispersion
    Technology that achieves homogeneous and stable dispersion of fine particles in solvent without aggregation
  • Painting for green sheet
    Technology that disperses the magnetic powder in a solvent homogeneously and adjusts optimum viscosity of the paint
  • Granulation
    Micro-granulation technology that creates inorganic fine particles/resin composites using polymerization reaction
  • Compound
    Technology that kneads resin and magnetic powder, then forms a composite
  • Sheet
    Technology that prepares magnetic powder into sheets with various shapes and thickness
  • Extrusion coating
    Technology that coats continuously with molten compound around signal line