Development Locations・Development Organization

Development Locations

Otake Creative R & D Center

This location works on creation of new technology and new products that support future our business and quality improvement of existing products. In addition to improving fundamental technology and deepening core technology, we develop innovative technology with external collaboration (customers and industry-government-academia).

1-4 Meijishingai, Otake, Hiroshima 739-0652, Japan
  • TEL:+81-827-57-6129
  • FAX:+81-827-57-3572
Onoda Creative R & D Center

This location designs and builds lab/pilot scale equipment of wet synthesis technology. We aim to achieve rapid commercialization by development environment close to production facility.

Shin‘oki 1-1-1, Sanyo-Onoda, Yamaguchi 756-0847, Japan
  • TEL:+81-836-89-0007
  • FAX:+81-836-89-0003

Development Organization

Creative R & D Center
Product Development

We develop elemental technology that contributes to improve quality issues for customers and properties of our products, and furthermore, promote existing products improvement and application development doing test and evaluation repeatedly from small batch trial production to mass production. In addition, simulation for design test at the conceptual stage supports our activities.

Research & Development

We work on deepening our core technology, creating and executing development plan toward innovative technology and new products to meet customer needs and aiming to commercialization. In addition, we promote R & D activities that contribute to reduce environment impact toward a sustainable society.

Analysis Technology

There are maximum number of analyzing devices in TODA KOGYO Group, so we can support new product development and quality maintenance of existing products by providing a reliable data. We work on developing and introducing new analytical methods.

Technical Planning

This department is an essential for R & D activities because it has a supporting function such as progress management of development theme, internal and external technical events management and health and safety promotion activities in organizations. Moreover, we work on activities looking ahead to next innovation such as seeds exploration leading to new business, future technology survey and technology strategy creation in the medium and long term.

Relevant departments
Production Technology

We design stable and price competitive production process of product, perform scale-up experiment in unit operations, create basic design using chemical engineering, and furthermore, are responsible for construction and commissioning in mass production. In addition, we work on equipment modification for mass production of new product, high productivity and increasing the capacity of existing process.

Intellectual Property

We can contribute to competitive business using intellectual property (IP) rights by cooperating with relevant departments of the entire TODA KOGYO Group, e.g., securing IP rights and avoiding IP infringement.