Corporate Philosophy

We transform the potential of fine particles into new possibilities for our world.

Throughout Toda Kogyo's 200-year history, we have always believed in the infinite potential contained in small particles.
With the technology we have mastered over many years as well as our passion to persevere under any circumstances, we continue to meet the challenges of the future with the power of nanotechnology and support for our diverse and evolving society.

Management Principle

Our group will further improve the fine particle synthesis technology we have developed with iron oxides and will always continue lively growth and development.
We will work on a foundation built on sincerity and trust and we will bring together our creativity and manufacturing strength to make a contribution to society in general with attractive new materials and solutions that are full of originality.

Management Policy
  • We will establish a management foundation as a "Manufacturing Company" that can contribute to society and will continue to grow and develop even 100 years after its establishment.
  • We will refine our only-one technologies and continue to offer products and solutions that have high added value.
  • We will become a company that is essential on a global level and increase the corporate value of the group.
  • We will seek the happiness of our employees and their families and will be a company that is constantly trusted by our stakeholders.
Code of Conduct
  • We will act quickly to offer products and solutions that respond to the requirements of the customers.
  • The whole company will come together as one, with manufacturing, engineering, sales and management working enthusiastically together.
  • We will be corporate citizens who are faithful and fair and will act with a strong sense of ethics.
  • We will improve our dignity as individuals and will continue to have pride, hope and dreams for the future.
  • We will work for harmony and symbiosis with the local community and with the global environment.
Toda Spirits ~Manufacturing that creates a better future
  • Manufacturing that puts safety and security first
  • Manufacturing that seeks trust and satisfaction from customers and business partners
  • Manufacturing that individuals endeavor to improve with the use of their capacity
  • Manufacturing that creates originality and marketability
  • Manufacturing that seeks stability, reproduction and efficiency of quality
  • Manufacturing that is implemented on a global scale with environmental consideration

There is infinite potential embedded in a single tiny particle.
Even the smallest particles have enormous potential in their ability to join together, combine with each other, as well as react to and bring about changes that can ultimately contribute to greater growth for our own lifestyles and society.
Similarly, people also have boundless possibilities.
By working hand-in-hand to share knowledge, wisdom, and ingenuity, each person holds tremendous power to help face any type of challenge.
It is our viewpoint that every person is an irreplaceable "particle" making up our larger world. We see our mission as continually trying to connect with each other and combine our abilities as we attempt to create new possibilities that bring hope to the future.
Supporting life and society through nanotechnology.

Fine particles for a fine future.
Corporate Mark

The four spaces inside the "KUTSUWA," one of Japan's family crests and the company's traditional emblem, have been redefined as the outer lines of the logo. The new logo represents TODA KOGYO's presence in creating products that the world has not yet seen and in its support of a diverse society.
Additionally, in order to inherently perpetuate the original meaning of "KUTSUWA," part of a harness, which is "to connect and to bind," a sphere symbolizing a "particle" is placed at the center of the four elements that have become the new outer boundary of the "KUTSUWA" (our existence).
This arrangement embodies our stance of connecting people and things, society and the future through materials (particles) and becoming a force in new manufacturing, while continuously generating particles.
The glow of the sphere seen through the cross-shaped gaps represents the new "particles" that create the future, symbolizing the "light" that illuminates hope. With an eye towards a more global brand expansion, the English logo TODA is also included as part of the brand logo.