Concept of Sustainability

The TODA KOGYO Group defines sustainability as "the lively growth and development of the company, society and the earth."
To achieve sustainability as we see it, we help resolve social issues through our business activities.
The Group uses the term "lively growth and development" to reflect the the idea that we will "always continue lively growth and development" as described in our Management Principle. As well as achieving lively growth and development as a company, we believe it is equally important to ensure that our technologies and activities contribute to the sustainable development of humanity and the global environment.
To pursue this management principle, the TODA KOGYO Group emphasizes three values.

Contributing to future society through innovative fine particle synthesis technologies

In keeping with the spirit of a company built on technology, we imagine and create the future. We will face the issues of society with sincerity, and strive to be accountable, serve the public interest and practice safety management in keeping with the ethics of engineers. In addition, we will encourage ingenuity, engaging in competition and cooperation based on intellectual property.

Building a sustainable supply chain

In every aspect, from procurement activities to development, production and sales activities, we prioritize safety, the environment, human rights and quality. We work with partners who aspire to solve social issues in the same way, and strive to engage in fair trade, fulfill our supply responsibilities and contribute to society.

Being a better corporate citizen and a better social institution

We adhere to global rules and compliance requirements by taking the initiative in all our business activities from the top down. We endeavor to strengthen our corporate governance structure, engaging in appropriate financial management and disclosures while ensuring information security. We believe in the potential of people, and build an organizational culture that maximizes the myriad values produced from connections between people.