Privacy Policy

We, TODA KOGYO Group (TODA KOGYO CORP. and its domestic subsidiaries hereinafter referred to as "TODA") recognize that it is our social responsibility to handle personal information of all people including customers and business partners (hereinafter collectively referred to as "customers") in an appropriate manner, as the personal information is quite important in recent network and information society,
As a business operator handling personal information defined in Act on the Protection of Personal Information (Act No. 57 of 2003), we take every possible measure to ensure the protection of personal information obtained from customers. For this purpose, we comply with the said Act and establish a security management system for the protection of personal information including this "Privacy Policy".

Treatment of Personal Information

Purpose of obtaining personal information

We use personal information we obtained for the following purposes

Personal information obtained from Customers
  1. To announce and introduce our latest products and services.
  2. To respond to inquiries and to provide fast services.
  3. To use such other purposes as we have already informed to customers when we obtained personal information.
Personal information obtained from Business partners and suppliers
  1. To make contact for business activities.
  2. To respond to complaints or inquiries and to provide fast services.
Personal information obtained from Investors and Stockholders
  1. To make contact and to provide information necessary for investors relations.
  2. To administrate and manage stocks and
Personal information obtained from Job Applicants
  1. To use in a recruitment selection process.
Personal information obtained from our Employees
  1. To use such purposes as prescribed in our internal rules and regulations to protect personal information.
  • When we ask anyone to provide us with his or her personal information, we will make every effort to inform in advance the purposes (including but not limited to the purposes listed above) for which that information is to be used, and to obtain his or her consent for the use of personal information. But when the purpose is obviously clear from the situation, such as exchange of business cards, sending our catalogs which are requested by customers via phone, we may not inform the purposes for obtaining personal information.
Provision of Personal Information we obtained to a Third Party

We do not provide any personal information obtained from customers to a third party without consent of said person, unless such disclosure of personal information is legally required.

Consigned Personal Information we obtained

When we consign the personal information to a third party within the scope of purposes permitted by said person, we shall have an appropriate agreement with such third party to protect the personal information and carry out necessary surveillance.

Secure Management of Personal Information we obtained

We take necessary and appropriate measures to prevent unauthorized access, loss, damage, falsification or leakage to the personal information. In addition, we provide our employees with training and education to treat any personal information properly. We also conduct periodic internal audit and make continuous improvements to our security measures to manage personal information.

Disclosure, Amendment, Deletion of Personal Information we obtained

If (i) any person requests the disclosure of his or her personal information, or (ii) there is an error in the personal information and said person requests for correction, addition, or deletion, we respond to such request promptly after investigation. We will not respond to the request unless the person is properly identified as a specific individual in the personal information.

If you have any questions or requests regarding TODA's Privacy Policy, please contact the following person in charge of consultation desk for our Protection of Personal Information

Personal Information Consultation Desk

Personal Information Protection Business Management Headquarters TODA KOGYO CORP.
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